Tidypics Formal Development Organization

Hey guys, this is Jade. As you know I am unable to actively develop tidypics, but some great people here have continued the project. I notice tidypics resources are scattered throughout elgg. As the owner of this group what do you guys propose be done in order to streamline contributions and dialogue into a more centralized base?

I've updated the main description here to point to current developments, but elgg seems to be inefficient at organizing hierarchial releases for plugins. Any thoughts?

  • We started a google code project for development and bug tracking: http://code.google.com/p/tidypics/

    Most of Pedro's photo tagging work has been integrated but it is not ready for release.

  • Ok so I will update the group to specify that all code releases should be downloaded and monitored from the google code repository. Next thing I need is an official Live demo of whatever the current release is.

    Just seems that uploading plugins to elgg is inefficient because release versions are not stacked and tracked, they are separate. This causes confusion.

  • Agreed. The Elgg community site does not provide a good way to develop and release plugins.

  • Jade, I do agree with the confusion that the Elgg community site provides.  The best we can do is direct people to the Google project site for development/testing, and to the Elgg group for "official" and supported releases.

    Regarding the live site for testing -- I'm always using the latest SVN version on OakPages.com.  But if you guys want, I can setup site on my server just for tidypics testing that does not require authentication to upload files. Let me know if that interests you.