Personal Event Calendar URL and Notifications to members added


Maybe I am being a bit thick but I cannot figure out what URL I would use to view my personal calendar.
If a list of all calendar events is at /elgg/html/pg/event_calendar/
Then what URL do I use to a view my personal calendar?

and second question, I want to send notifictions to all members who have added an event into their personal calendar, is this a feature that exists already or do I need to get it coded up?


  • The personal calendar is displayed in a widget. I also seem to remember that the Mine tab on the listing page works for that but it has been a while since I looked at that.

    Why would you want to send a notification for something a user has done themselves? Notifications are usually for other user's content.

  • Hi Kevin

    I am using the events calendar in a slightly odd way I guess, but it serves my needs. I changed some of the wording so it says 'interested in event' rather than 'add to my personal calendar'.

    The user is actually unaware that they have a personal calendar, instead they can add themselves to any events if they are interested in them , the idea being that it shows they want to keep notified of an event and the event organiser can , ideally, email everyone who has added themselves in as being interested in following the event. (if I can find a way to send notification emails in this way)

    I wanted to be able to give a view , other than just the widget, that showed a user events they had selected as being interested in. I guess I will have to figure it out from the widget  and use the code to pull a page. It all helps me learn elgg and php but just takes a long time to figure it !!!!

    I dont seem to have a 'mine' on the listing page I must have gotten rid of it at some point.

  • The events listing has all/friends/mine tabs by default but these can be toggled off in one of the plugin settings.

  • found it finally, thanks. fyi, those tabs disappear if you have it in 'page' listing instead of by 'month' on the plugin settings . doh !