Patch for last day of every month not getting displayed.

I'm kind of surprised no one has caught this.  Guess not many Elgg'ers plan halloween or new years parties?  ;-)

Line 79 of event_calendar/show_events.php

<                 $end_date = $year.'-'.$month.'-'.getLastDayOfMonth($month,$year);
>                 $end_date = $year.'-'.$month.'-'.getLastDayOfMonth($month,$year).' 23:59:59';

  • Can you explain this problem in more detail?

    I am not seeing this.

  • I was just testing it after a fresh install a few days ago.  Created events for something like may 29th, may 31st, and june 10th.  Then hit the group calendar page for may and could only see the event for the 29th.  Then I loaded up the groups page where I had the events widget, and could see all three, so I knew something was amiss.

    With the patch above, which may or may not be the best approach, the subsequent strtotime call takes into account all day on the 31st, instead of what seems to be an assumption of 00:00:00 for the Hms.

    Maybe the behavior is different from php version to php version?  I'm running 5.2.14 I think.