How to modify the default css that controls the pages

Please, I'm kind of new to elgg....I need to know what css file controls all the pages, really need to customize it and change the background color..............

Secondly, please is there any notification plugin for 1.6.x?

  • The default css file is located inside elgg/views/default/css.php (for <V1.8). But its not adviced to modify that file. You can either develop a theme or download a theme from here, that suits your need and modify the mod/theme_name/views/default/css.php .

    When you are working with theming remember to turn of Simple cache in site administration page or Run the script after making modification to css

  • I would also strongly advise you to upgrade from 1.6.x

  • alright, thank you very much webgali................I can't find suitable themes thats why I taught of designing the css myself...................


    @Evan, I downgraded to 1.6.x because I realized that most of the plugins and themes did not run on 1.7 which I used, now 1.8 is out, are there enough plugins and themes to carter for it?

  • and please, I really need to add a notification plugin for users activities just like facebook, is such plugin available.............I've searched but cant find

  • @Etiboy -- I said that because we will no longer be supporting 1.6 when 1.8 final is released, so you'll be using 1.6 at your own risk and without support from the Elgg community.

    I don't know of such a notification plugin, unfortunately, but I agree that such a thing would be valuable.