Widgets at profile

I have problem with profile widgets. I'm using Elgg 1.7.4 with my own theme based at default theme, and few other I found here. When I add widget to profile I can see them as admin in own and other profiles, but if I'm loggedin as normal user I can only see my own widgets (I can't see other users widgets) I check site using firebug and as normal user I don't see table id="widget_table". Does anyone have an idea what could make problem like that? Maybe plugins order?

  • Not sure if your issue might be due to the access permission settings on your site. Have you set the default access permission on the Site Administration page to "private"? Although I would have expected only the content of the widgets not being visible with private settings.

    If the access permission settings isn't causing the issue: has your problem only started recently or did you have this problem already from the beginning? In the latter case I would say something is wrong with your installation and I would suggest to re-install Elgg (and then also to upgrade to Elgg 1.7.8). If the problem started at a later time I would suspect some 3rd party plugin to be responsible. Then you should disable any non-core plugin to see if the visibility problem stops and then activate one at a time to find out which is causing the problem.

    Anyway, upgrading to the latest stable release is always adviseable - if only to get rid of security issues.