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Hello, all!

As part GSoC 2011, I will be implementing some web services using the Elgg API. As I wrote about in my blog post these web services can be used to develop third party software for any Elgg-based website. In the later stages of the project I will be implementing a mobile application using these web services.

I am trying to make a list of possible features which should be implemented as web services.

I came up with a list of what I feel are required web services:

  1.     User login/logout
  2.     User registration
  3.     Updating profile
  4.     adding/removing friend

Other possible web services include:

  •     posting to wire/blog
  •     join/unjoining a group

Please suggest the features that you want to see implemented in the web services. Your feedback will be of great help to me!

    • Post to a Group (with/without authentication).
    • Retrieve content from a Group (with/without authentication) like RSS, but more of a data feed with some selection criteria. e.g. Retrieve only posts by Group owner, by Members,...

    (have a look at my schematic @ http://connectmyschool.com/ for overall sharing design).

  • My requests:
    • like/unlike
    • comment
    • post to messageboard
    • deleting entities
    • Reporting content
  • I know it's not explicitly listed, but fetching content is of course very necessary -- getting users, wire posts, messageboard posts, files, blogs, etc...

  • Bump to retrieving users, posts etc - including search results. With the proviso that it must be done with (and optionally, I guess, without) authentication.

    As a matter of related interest, we are working on trying to create authenticated RSS feeds for this purpose, using HTTP authentication so that standard RSS readers and aggregators can get the content - is anyone else trying this?

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Feedback and Planning

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