Who's your host? Why did you pick it? How powerful is it?

Let's see what we have available for Elgg.

  • I choose Arvixe about more than a year ago. My site was always up and no issues whatsoever.

    Info: here!

    Rodolfo Hernandez

    Arvixe/Elgg Community Liaison

  • I have my VPS on RubyRingTechnologies and with only one simple problem a few days back, I have been very satisfied with their service. And because of the issue, they even upped the configuration without a single $ of extra pay.

    Also, I see that the ElgGalaxy server is very very powerful. Their shared hosting = performance of a dedicated server. You can consider it too.

    And of course, there is Arvixe and A2Hosting.

  • Thank you, very helpful, you both mentioned Arvixe so I picked that one. I tranferred one domain, inglesreal.com, just to see how it works before transferring our main domain. Let me tell you that service at Arvixe has been excellent so far. Transferring domains took about 48 hours, I understand as part of a regular process. 

    I just installed elgg at www.inglesreal.com/privateclub. Let's see how far I can get, my first task will be giving my elgg a sprachgefühl identity like setting a new theme, switching from blue to orange. I understand one of rjcali's forté seems to be themes so I will be reading his blog posts. 

    I will also be transferring sprachgefuhl.com into Arvixe, our main site, which we mostly use for internal communication, the plan is learning with inglesreal.com, then I will install elgg in our main site.

    I also acquired another domain at Arvixe; charromacho.com for a future project. 

    I am very excited!

  • I chose http://lowcost4hosting.info/

    I chose this because the admin is very friendly and helps at every point to make my site better.

  • I switched to Hostgator a month ago and it's pretty good. I read a lot of reviews on the net and people have always recommended it and little has said bad things about them. 

    I was going to try Arvixe but I got my hands on a 25% off coupon so ya :P lmk if you need

  • I was using godaddy. They even install elgg for you (1.7.11) which i thought was cool. Didnt quite suit my needs tho. The AP server is slow, real slow. Also no node.js or anyway to install it without upgrading to a dedicated server. I need node for part of my site so running everything on localhost til i finish dev, then will be lookin for a suitable host. If you dont require node and you use thier US servers tho, i would  recomend them.