Help Needed

How can i find that if views of certain pluggin is deprecating with the views of some other pluggin?

  • well, a view can be:

    - overridden, you have the X plugin which has the view X/views/default/my_view.php and then you create a view in the same directory and with the same name, but in another plugin that is Y/views/default/my_view.php now the Y plugin view will override the X plugin view if and only if the Y plugin is activated after the X plugin, that is, Y is lower than X in the plugin list, in the page Tools Administration.

    - extended, if you call the function elgg_extend_view('view_to_extend', 'new_view', priority) the two views are joint and the joining order is decided depending on the priority that by default is set to 500, a lower priority means that the view is drawn before.


    I hope is useful to your purpose!