1.8 compatibility


Is it possible to use this module with elgg 1.8 in the future? At the moment it doesn t work...

  • Update: I've secured funding to migrate the event calendar to 1.8 and will make a major update to the github repository on Monday.

    Currently I'm methodically going through the core features to make sure they still work.

  • As promised, I've uploaded a large commit to the event calendar github repository here:


    Currently this is for testing only. I expect to add some more features (and possibly some bug fixes) soon.

    I'm very keen to get bug reports right now so that I can make sure that the new code is as solid as possible so that I can release it on elgg.org.

    So please test this (but not yet on production sites!).

  • @Kevin, I'll be working on the CSS for the jQuery UI date picker this week. Will be testing with what you have on github.

  • Great news, Cash.

    The version I commited today seems to work with the possible exception of the "spots" feature. That could work too, I just haven't tested it yet. The client who funded the migration wants to improve the import/export capabilities (iCal, Google Calendar, etc.) so that's what I'll be looking at next.

  • If I recall correctly, the last time I tested it there were issues where the CSS did not support both the inline calendar and the popup calendar. We also just got a bug report about IE7 and the date picker CSS.

  • I posted a report about the inline calendar to Trac. It needs a position:relative for the div to work. This restriction should probably be documented or removed.

  • hi kevin i'm new to elgg 1.8 and have just got it running on my site. your event plugin is the first i have tried to install.. i get this error

    Deprecated in 1.7: extend_view() was deprecated by elgg_extend_view()!

    i really am very useless at the moment until i familiarise myself with working on a website and elgg

    thanks for any pointers in advance


  • waynaldo, As mentioned earlier on this thread, there is no event calendar plugin on elgg.org for Elgg 1.8.

    If you want to try a very preliminary version, try the github link above.

  • if you are interested in not working stuff: group events dont show up in the calendar field (but they do in the group activity list)...

    if you are aware of it, I am sorry and I didnt want to bother you

    and thx for developing this!