1.8 compatibility


Is it possible to use this module with elgg 1.8 in the future? At the moment it doesn t work...

  • I completely rewrote Kevin's event_calendar plugin some time ago, it currently works under Elgg 1.8 beta as well. Since this plugin uses our libraries, it can't be posted on Elgg.org. It's in beta stage. Should anyone want to test it, please send me your email in private message and I'll be happy to send you the code.

  • Mike, it sounds like you are in violation of the GPL. You can't mix GPL and non-GPL code.

  • Kevin, that's why I rewrote the plugin completely. There is no code from event_calendar which our plugin would use. The functionality is the same although not all features are included.

  • ps. our plugin is free. I talked with Brett about releasing it on Elgg.org some time ago ( I think half year ago ). Since plugin uses encrypted libraries though, it was not released. We offer it to our clients for free. The only limitation to release it as GPL are libraries.

  • Mike, the issue is not whether it is free. The issue is whether it is GPL. If commercial developers can troll through Elgg's plugin repository and rewrite any code they find there for closed source and non-GPL uses, it destroys the open source development model.

  • Kevin, if there are two version of the same plugin, it's certain users will choose GPL version. A good example is your event_calendar plugin - version which we created already exists for half a year although it's used by a very limited number of users.

    I post here note about our plugin since I could really use some help with testing it on Elgg 1.8. I don't plan to promote it here. We had to rewrite your plugin since our library gives us great flexibility. On the other hand, our clients requested functionality similar to this available in event_calendar plugin.

    ps. It's rather commercial plugins which are copied and rewritten as GPL - and yes, it defeats the purpose of creating commercial plugins. It won't work other way around.


    If you're offended though, I can delete my posts.

  • Mike, I'm not offended and I don't want you to delete your posts.

  • Generally, writing an open source version of a closed source product is legal as long as the people writing the OS version were not exposed to the source code of the closed source product. If you wrote/looked at the source code, the likelihood is that some of the design/code of the OS version was copied - even if unintentional. There have been lawsuits about this.

    It works the same way if a developer reimplements an open source product as closed source. If the person looked through the code, it is likely some of the design/code was copied and the code inherits the GPL.

  • Cash, thank you for your remark.

    In case of our version of event_calendar, I copied functionality, not code. Since the plugin is free, anyone can check wether it contains code from original event_calendar.


    ps. At least 8 our plugins were rewritten to open source ( with various results in terms of quality  ), I'm okay with this. I know at least one which contained our commercial code. This is less fair. Unfortunately, it's not always possible to prevent such situations. Often there is no time to track them as well.

  • So as a developer - wanting the best event calendar plugin that I can extend on - what should I choose? or is this a rude question to ask?