Display all events in RSS feed

How can i see all the current events in a specific year or range of days?

Example: in this link bellow i can see all in a specific month:

There's a way to put in URL values like:





Thanks for the upcoming suggestions. ;)

  • The event calendar is organised by month by default.

    There are some other views available. Please read the documentation in README.txt and CHANGES.txt for what is possible.

  • Thanks!

    I've created a condition to display the "mode=year" in the file "show_events.php".

    Like this:


    }  else if ($mode == "year")  {
    $start_ts = strtotime($original_start_date);
    $month = date('m',$start_ts);
    $year = date('Y',$start_ts);
    $start_date = $year.'-'.$month.'-1';
    $end_date = ($year+1).'-'.$month.'-'.getLastDayOfMonth($month,($year+1));


    ...and it fits my needs. :D