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Hello, all!


As the GSoC coding period is going to start soon, I am trying to make a list of all the possible areas which have to be AJAXified the most. Basing upon the list, I will be opening tickets on the tracker, which will be fixed during the coding period. So, I request you all to give suggestions about the places that can constitute this list. Please feel free to mention about the interfaces which you want to see AJAXified. Your feedback will be of great help to me!

I came up with a list which I feel, contains all the basic actions which everyone wants to get AJAXified.

  1. Adding / Deleting a wire post
  2. Replying to a wire post
  3. Liking / Disliking an entity object
  4. Commenting on a Blog post, Page
  5. Deleting a Blog post
  6. Viewing comments for a Blog post
  7. Deleting a Bookmark
  8. Marking a message as ‘read’ in messages plugin
  9. Deleting a message
  10. River selection in Activity tab
  11. Commenting on a river item
  12. Suggestions while searching
  13. All/Mine/Friends filter tabs
  14. Loading next set of paginated river items
  15. Switching between tabs on the home page


Thank you

  • @mariano please use english language to reply on others post or use both languages . Everytime need to check in google translation, hope you never mind this.

  • Yes this sounds quite promising. I am looking to build a completely new Ajax front end to my system so this really will be nice. I assume this is only for 1.8?

  • Some other ideas to keep things flowing!

    1. Auto-update message counter
    2. Auto-update timestamps
    3. internal site notifications that pops up on the corner of the site notifyin the user that they have a new message board comment, message, blog comments, etc.
    4. username/password validation for new registrations, letting the user know if the username has been picked already, if the passwords match and/or are strong, etc.
    5. Replying to a topic in the forum
    6. Auto-fill title + description for bookmarks based on specified url
    7. Joining/leaving a group
    8. Inviting friends to group
    9. Inline-editing of various content items
    10. AJAX reporting of questionable content
  • I think ajax pagination would be a really great thing to have. Some other great features would be:

    - bookmaring a page ( lightbox? )

    - reporting content as inappriopriate ( lightbox? )

    - a view which would allow to order entities from the list by drag-and-drop (jquery sortable)

    - make all options from submenu under user's icon work with use of lightbox/ajax

    - use ajax on the cropping tool, so that user don't have to click twice to upload an avatar ( uploadify? )

    - show progress while uploading a file ( uploadify? )

    - autocomplete for search, best with images. Maybe a google-like search

    - autorefreshed activity stream

    - auto-inform when new message arrives

    Should you need advices for those, feel free to contact me. We used most of those solutions in some parts of our projects and they worked quite well. I would love to see them in the core as well

  • Also, creating a bookmark via ajax would be nice.  Most of the time I just want to input a url and hit save!  None of this title, description, tags stuff!

  • I would like to suggest creating a group, here on elgg community site, for the topic you work on, otherwise this thread will get ridiculously long ;) You could also drop a group blog into it...

    Do you give decent share of your focus to graceful degradation, unobstructive js, accessibility etc. ?

  • I think a long thread is ok, elf.  We want to avoid the 1-group-per-topic approach.  That's what forum posts are for after all.

  • Graceful degradation is a very good goal.

  • @ewinslow sure you can approach it this way, I guess I just have a bit different idea of using collboration tools, I like to give information more structure and space to evolve, just discussion threads I find hard to use once someone joins and want to get overview on the topic... plus with plugins like tasks, mailinglist integration (elggman?), wiki (docuwiki?) etc. people can share information and collaborate in more powerfull ways...

    anyhow, I've just made suggestion =)


  • One suggestion I would have is real-time (cron?) refreshing of the river and possibly other page elements (online users, widgets etc)

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