AJAXifying Elgg

Hello, all!


As the GSoC coding period is going to start soon, I am trying to make a list of all the possible areas which have to be AJAXified the most. Basing upon the list, I will be opening tickets on the tracker, which will be fixed during the coding period. So, I request you all to give suggestions about the places that can constitute this list. Please feel free to mention about the interfaces which you want to see AJAXified. Your feedback will be of great help to me!

I came up with a list which I feel, contains all the basic actions which everyone wants to get AJAXified.

  1. Adding / Deleting a wire post
  2. Replying to a wire post
  3. Liking / Disliking an entity object
  4. Commenting on a Blog post, Page
  5. Deleting a Blog post
  6. Viewing comments for a Blog post
  7. Deleting a Bookmark
  8. Marking a message as ‘read’ in messages plugin
  9. Deleting a message
  10. River selection in Activity tab
  11. Commenting on a river item
  12. Suggestions while searching
  13. All/Mine/Friends filter tabs
  14. Loading next set of paginated river items
  15. Switching between tabs on the home page


Thank you

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Feedback and Planning

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