Still Having trouble with install...

Okay folks, here is the latest update in my saga.

I checked with the host and found out two things. First, remodwrite is on, so that is not the issue. I just changed the htaccess_dist file, uncommenting line 91 and added the path. After saving and uploading, I changed its name to .htaccess and reloaded the page, filled out the info and hit save. Again I got the file not found.

Firefox can't find the file at http://host/~account/elgg/action/systemsettings/install

Is it possible that because the domain is not hooked up to the webspace yet, could that be what is causing this issue?

The program is definately confused. Is there anything else I've overlooked? Anything else I should ask the host about? I'm running out of time and patience.

Please someone help.


  • How did you make the install? Manually or through an auto installer?

    What version of Elgg are you using?

    Rodolfo Hernandez
    Arvixe/Elgg Community Liaison

  • I used the auto installer after uploading all files to a subdirectory. path/to/site/elgg/install.php. I'm using the latest stable version 1.7.8

    How do I manually install? Would that make it work?



    Look for the comments on mod rewrite and allow override

  • I went through the entire page again and I had forgotten the trailing slash. It failed to find the install file again, so I went back over the page and changed the path to the webpath, uploaded that and finally refreshed the browser. Not only could it not find the install file, it couldn't even find the index page to start over again!

    As much as I'd like to use this product, unless someone has a clue what I can do to make this work, I'm going have to go elsewhere...

  • Just for fun I check the error logs. Can anyone tell me why this occurred and what can be done about it?

    Just before this I did move everything out of the subdirectory into the main htdocs directory.

    [Thu May 19 10:19:41 2011] [error] [client x.x.x.xx] Directory index forbidden by Options directive: /home/account/public_html/elgg/

    [Thu May 19 10:15:05 2011] [alert] [client x.x.x.x] /home/account/public_html/.htaccess: RewriteBase: argument is not a valid URL, referer:

  • I used the auto installer after uploading all files to a subdirectory. path/to/site/elgg/install.php.

    Ok... I think I know your problem: You installed with the autoinstaller in a subdirectory and then moved it to the main htdocs right? If you did this that's your problem. Use the auto installer to install elgg on the main directory (public_html) rather than somewhere else and then move it.


    Rodolfo Hernandez 

    Arvixe/Elgg Community Liaison

  • Move installed elgg is not too easy.

    Is necessary follow this steps

    You changed this entries in your database entries?


    We must now change 4 entries in the database. This is easily accomplished with 4 simple SQL commands:

    Change the installation path

    UPDATE `elgg_datalists` SET `value` = "/var/www/elgg_test/" WHERE `name` = "path";

    Change the data directory

    UPDATE `elgg_datalists` SET `value` = "/var/data/elgg_test/" WHERE `name` = "dataroot";

    Change the site URL

    UPDATE `elgg_sites_entity` SET `url` = "";

    Change the filestore data directory

    (Only change the first path here!!)

    UPDATE elgg_metastrings set string = '/var/data/elgg_test/' WHERE id = (SELECT value_id from elgg_metadata where name_id = (SELECT * FROM (SELECT id FROM elgg_metastrings WHERE string = 'filestore::dir_root') as ms2) LIMIT 1) ;

  • So it will not run in a subdirectory? What I wanted to do was have an informational site in the public_html and elgg in a sub directory. The other issue is the domain has not been hooked to the webspace. Could that also be a large part of the problem?

  • Yes, it will run in a subdirectory.

    This means you created an error in the .htaccess: RewriteBase: argument is not a valid URL

    Try commenting out the RewriteBase that you added. You could also try installing the 1.8 beta which has a requirements checker. It will at least tell you what's wrong. Once that is fixed, you can go back to 1.7.8.

  • Now what about the domain issue? Will it install and run without a domain attached to the webspace?