Highlighted Group

When I try to highlight a group, I get following message:

The requested action (feature) was not defined in the system.

Where can I find it, to enable it?

  • There is such an action already under Elgg 1.5 (although it is called "featured").

    If you are getting this error, it sounds like you may have a broken group plugin.

    Perhaps you could backup mod/groups, delete it and re-install from the Elgg 1.5 release?

    Or do you have another groups plugin interfering with the main one?

  • it's an idea .. I will try it. thank you for propose

    EDIT: I tried now with Groups 1.5.1 and with the original one .. both same problem
    EDIT²: I tried after disabling every plugin, just groups enabled, .. no changes .. same problem .. with 1.5.1 and original