internationalize / internationalise 1.8 url's

I like the new more structured way to handle urls's in 1.8. Wouldn't it be (very very very!) nice to be able to internationalize/internationalise these with the Elgg translation system?

For example the following would be possible:

  • That would be nice -- even just to rename "blog" to "articles" for example.

    Care to report it to Trac?

  • sure ;-)

    Ticket #3451

  • This could be problematic for languages which do not use the Roman alphabet, maybe it could be an optional feature?

  • Hi, Susan,

    It definitely will not be automatic!

  • There's more than one issue involved here.

    I'll be working (with much help from Susan) on a test Elgg site to research into URLs output by Elgg code for Groups, etc.  I worked on non-Roman language scripts from early 1998 for a Sanskrit Document Website and there was much available from there for handling many different languages' (mainly those from India) scripts - to enable displays in various languages.

    Ruben's notes =>
    e.g. "" can most likely be handled by modifying a PlugIn's start.php page handler logic as well as maybe renaming the plugin's mod/ folders or maybe not -- if some simple htaccess reWrite can flip the maming over - so "" woukd be what the user types, but they will really be taken to ""

    What Susan and I have discussed so far is regarding (WordPressesque) "slugs" which I think is same as PermaLinks, using some algorithm to transliterate a non-roman language script into readable english URLs. So far --

    -- where "shlvm" is the correct transliteration for that Hebrew script word 'hello'



  • @Dhrup I just realized I've probably been confusing 2 different scenarios, 1) main urls created for different parts of site ..   2) specific urls based on pages within diff parts of site

    Wordpress Post Slug as described in wp glossary

    A word or two describing an entry, for use in permalinks (replaces the %posttitle% field therein), especially useful if titles tend to be long or they change frequently.

    Basically, after ceating a post I have the option to change the part of the URL which uses as default the post title.   This is particularly useful if the post title is using a non Latin alphabet.



  • n/p ;-) the "best of the best" is-a-gonna code this logic ;-)

  • Update:-

    I have setup a test elgg site for this.

    There is a Utility there to test non-roman alphabets transliteration into the roman-alphabet - if anyone wants to contribute to testing and formalizing this Ellg-effort send me a PM and I will give you access to the test-site.

    The Utility I have coded for right now handles only the Hebrew language. I can code the logic to handle any other non-roman language..

    C'mon guys..! Pitch in - we gonna get a brand new funky useful PlugIn from all this research and it's $0 free !

    We've got some funky code-stuff going on there !!

  • a few screen shots testing/ playing-around with my old test-setup
    for I18N URLs, users, Groups, etc stuff -->










  • Hey Dhrup, Is there a way to use your code for Matt's Profile URL?