Is legal?

Hi I have the file plugin and the mp3 playlist plugin in my elgg site. My users upload music and play in their profile. And download this music. This is legal?

  • I don't know that anyone here is qualified to make that assessment.  That said, it sounds dubious.

  • @Emanuel Moreno It depends. If that's their music, music that they created it is OK. However if it is copyrighted music, you may get in serious problems. May be you could add a check box that certifies that you have the right to share the mp3.


    Rodolfo Hernandez

    Arvixe/Elgg Community Liaison

  • @Emanuel in very simple words: first of all you have to follow your country law about copyrights. then you have to know that copyrights cover every personal products if they are not licenced in another way like free to use and to share.

    File plugin can be a source of beneficts (if you think in open source filosophy and to share ideas) and a very delicated problem, i mean a lots of legal problems, for all your shared files.

    In this sense I hope that Elgg Team will take in consideration to exstend File plugin and to indroduce in it something like plugin reposity on this site where in upload a file, it is possible to select what kind of licence is in use or allowed by site (eg: common left, gpl or others, a warning if it is a copyright licence, and so long...).

    In this way all users and administrators will pay more attention on these legal problems.  

    There is a lot to say about this topic, I study law so I know it is not a simple discussion to do in few words, but I hope you will open your eyes and in future you will think better on how you are managing your site.

    In conclusion I hope a world, with more copy left and more shared ideas: Ideas worth spreading if they are shared well!"

  • Ok thanks. I remove the mp3 playlist in my site.