Form group profile category issue


I doubt I am the first so if someone could point me at the solution...

I have setup x3 profile categories - Male, Female and Business, using the Manage Form feature.
I have created a field for them in the first profile form I created.(Male)
It is selectable on registration so a new member chooses their profile type.(Male, female or business)
this works fine so far.

but once they log on and  go to profile edit they get the message 'no profile form exists'
If I remove the wording from the form configuration page field in 'Profile Category'
i.e. remove 'Male' and leave it blank.
then the profile form becomes available to them.
but then it is a generic one and I need to create 3 profiles to be selected based on the above criteria (male, female or business) that is chosen at registration.

is this something that needs futher coding. I got the impression from the Readme.txt that maybe some features are included that dont yet do anything.

any help appreciate



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Form and related plugins

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