Hi, the code should be designed for diferent languages. At the moment all not laton characters in the adress bar are cut off. i am talking about signs in groups names and also in the most of the modules   like news, market, events and so on. I am  talking about signs like éáóęąść and so on..

It s a problem which doesn t exist for people who develop there sites in english but i gues elgg wish to expand internationaly. It should be fixed thou. How can i add it to the wish list for future development?

  • The world is still catching up to UTF8 support in URLs, so some browsers won't support having accented characters in the URL without encoding them. Encoding would turn your example string into:


    There's a trac ticket about using iconv to translate characters to similar characters for URLs, which would turn your example string into:


    The iconv solution is much more legible than the encoding solution, so it will be how we move forward.

  • Thanks for your answer

    I know about %C3%A9%C3, but turning those signs to eaoeaosc it s a very good solution.

    Is it posible to fix it in 1.7? I see the ticket was posted 11 months ago and the solution still is not avaiable for community...

  • try

    • éáóęąść.atnew.net
    • atención.atnew.new 
    • שלום.atnew.new 

    based on IDN stds...

  • @Brett
    Does this IConv interface to IDNA encoding (ToASCII and ToUnicode rtns) or is diff ? IDNA handles non-roman script language Domain Names and translates to Ascii.
    The tests I've done so far with IDNA domains work okay -
    I've not yet looked into the details of c/f IConv and IDNA.

  • @DhrupDeScoop - This has nothing to do with domain names--it's concerning paths within the domain. 

    @martinez - This is an improvement scheduled for sometime in 1.8.X's life, so it will probably not be backported to 1.7.

  • @ Brett I hope i can t wait to have it in 1.8 final version.

    There is paid modules which partly solves this problem, but i guess elgg code should be universal so all international users have the same posibilities.

  • @Brett

    some browsers won't support having accented characters in the URL without encoding them

    I cry... Brett, good developers of these browser just strictly follow RFC 3986 (Standard Tracks) para 2.4, which require to encode all chars outside Latin1

    The iconv solution is much more legible than the encoding solution

    Not for pure 8-bit languages,how much more time I have to repeat this?! You can ban me again - I spit on the ignorant lazy lamers who can not learn and admit mistakes


    On this page (sorry, russian text) you'll find some (rather old, but still working) solutions for URL-Transliteration. I hope, you can read code and will be able to adapt some ideas for your alphabet (latest snippet is almost universal even as-is, but slightly unfinished). In any case, you have to have changed view views/default/output/friendlytitle.php in your theme (or plugin?)

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