No privacy in activity river for new user picture and new relationship.

Have you ever read the site's activity  selecting "All" filter? Well, there is a very serious problem that perhaps has already been addressed elsewhere.

After loading a new profile picture and adding some new friends, I realized that the news of these actions were visible in almost all site members, friends or not, in other words it was public news and It is not possibile to change this settings.

Some people may like and others not, but the fact remains that if someone  in  another country changes his picture,  in my dashboard I get the news on his action unfortunately i don't know him and i'm not interestes at his pictures! -
remember that this only happens in the case  we read news  on "All" and not on "friends. "

If, however, make changes to our profile, on the news (eg Gennaro updated his profile) is shown in accordance with the default privacy settings determined by the administrator or user if it is possible.

So, there is a difference between changing profile information and
changing  profile picture. The difference is in the privacy of written notice by the activities and in the case of the user picture appears to be non-existent.

  • I'd like a solution to this one too. If anyone has any ideas I'd love to know. It's just wrong to show personal things to others that people have not intentionally revealed - not the Elgg way at all, reduces trust, and it has driven some away from our site. I see two main possibilities - to filter the activity river (easy, but useless if other plugins show it) or to stop it happening at source (better but possibly trickier because of more than one potential source - at least the profile and friend components would need adjustment).