Any suggestions for this?


My Site is running very smooth and on normal speed, except one page, I am using IZAP Video latest version. When I Click on videos it open a list of videos but when I click on any video it take approx. 10-12 sec to open that and sometimes even more. Any other links are responding within a sec. 

        I am on dedicated server so there is no issue with server because all site is reponding very fast. One more thing when no user is online I tried to open a video that time when I click on video link then it says waiting for response and there was no load on server afer 7-8 second processor show some activity and then within few seconds page is open. This problem is start from few weeks ago before that everything was fine on same server.

I am trying to fix this issue from last week but no success. You can check that on.

  • These results are different when we remove all ads. I already checked everything by removing all ads but still showing same result for video.

    ok check here:-

    (Duration for 2.31 minutes)(delay for 56 sec)


    (Delay of 2.3 sec)(Duration 2.6 minutes)


    Both video are same size both everytime result are same for both means second one is faster then first one.



  • I don't think the slowness is a problem of your server. Embedded videos are not hosted on your server and are also not pre-loaded when loading the video page - after all there's no autoplay anyway. Videos are directly streamed from the other site (youtube) when clicking on play only.

    You site seems to work fine apart from the videos. So I'm very sure it's a problem of the izap_videos plugin only. You could try version 3.71 of izap_videos, but I don't know if downgrading is possible.

  • I tried to go with lower but I think it is not possible it break the whole css when we run the viedo in river or on video page, everyvideo show for two times , then again I installed the latest one.

    If this problem is related to slow or smothing like this then how lots of people are running their sites from shared hosting , when I was on shared hosting then I feel 2-4 sec waiting but now it is 56 sec waiting . this means something different blocking the connection to proper link with some videos.

  • why not read thru the access_log for the timestamps for access to the whole page and the components and maybe also to match if any errors on error_log ?

  • @ghumanz May be you could stop using Izap and using another embed plugin like noelab media? Awesome site btw, one of the best I've seem so far =)


    Rodolfo Hernandez

    Arvixe/Elgg Community Liaison

  • Danke RJC - why didn't I think of that ? b/c I personally do not play with videos muchoz lolz ;-oOX The kids are better at that than I am - and btw FK does use IZap ;-) no perf issues.. b/c La "raíz" se ocupa de la vida cotidiana ;-P

  • @ rjcalifornia:- Thanks for complements I personaly found the same thing which you said stop using Izap, Yesterday I formated full server and configure everything again but after this I get no success, that means something wrong with Izap video, Then I disable Izap and found 40 % more fast response from my whole site. I have a approx 1000 video's indexed in google but no care. I will try embedly plugin which looks very better and easy for everyone , it also solves the tinymce problem to embed a video in blogs.

    @ DhrupDeScoop:- Thanks very much for your suggestions I did not found any error related to this issue in logs. there were some warnings which are related to other plugin which I already disable and it has no effect on IZAP's performance.


    @ Dhrup Yesterday you said my site is slow please check now it is very smooth even I am using google adsense and pixaaza adsense. I did nothing except disabling a Izap plugin

  • LOLZ ;-) Yes, much much faster now.. abt the same as my mega server (i do have abt 20 domains there, 50% are Elgg, some very heavy sites). Guess you'll be talking abt NeoLab Media soon ?:;-O