Social Network - virtual Political Party for the Youth Revolution

The Youth Revolution in Africa and Middle East needs a tool to organize their Movement.
We need a Social Network in which everybody could participate in Politics. 
 I am representing a Youth Political Party, Nova Democracia, in Angola with 2 seats in the Parliament.
We live under a 36 year old regime with a 33 year long ruling President.
Street protests will be crackdown with violence and blood shed.
 We can win the next 2012 elections, but we lack organization and the funds to prepare a traditional Political Party.
 With a virtual tool in which we have a Political Party on line, with access for everybody, we can involve all the youth and all the opposition to overcome this dictatorship, with less investment. 
Have being tweeting my ideas on @IGoovern.
Please give us your opinion and advise on how can we create the first virtual Political Party, to arme us with a tool, not a gun, that will win the next elections and change regime without blood shed.

Thank you