Vasco Mainpage Editing - Where?

I have been customizing my homepage using the Vasco Mainpage plug-in within a custom template.  I want to edit the landing page of my site so the JOIN button is nice and prominent with a big image,  but still have boxes of widget content below.  After many hours of editing and trial and error, I thought I had a  pretty ok understanding of the custom plug-in folder structure (working within a theme), but I can't find the main index page where I can add content above the widget boxes!  It seems like it should be so obvious.  I can find a "vasco_mainpage.php" file that looks good but it's buried in vasco_mainpage/views/default/canvas/layouts  alongside new_index.php  and I can't see how either of them are called up.  I am supposed to be handing over these template files yesterday but still am stymied!

Also....anyone understand why my Izap video widget is showing up twice?  Here's a link:Scroll down, it's in the second row.

Thank you.  I promise to write a little newbie help checklist when I'm through with this project.  I'm sure there are others out there with my html brain who can't sort out the php logic of this amazing but confounding system.

  • Spitfire, widgets are added to vazco_mainpage via API, dependant on version of the plugin.  With newest version it's enought to add view in start.php or via handler in another plugin, following syntax used in start.php.


    If you want to add custom code, you can add it in vazco_mainpage/views/default/canvas/layouts/vazco_mainpage.php. Please don't use caching of main page then though.


    There are a few additional customization instructions in forums in vazco_mainpage's plugin group on