Serious Internet Explorer (9) trouble

I was being told about some serious trouble with MS Internet Explorer on my site. One problem seems to be caused by Internet Explorer 9 while the other seems to happen also with earlier versions:

  • IE9 seems to make trouble posting comments. A few users already mentioned this issue. I'm afraid it might get more serious starting tomorrow when IE9 while be made available via Windows Update - about 30% of my site visitors use IE.
  • Some people seem suddenly no longer able to log in. This issue seems to only occur with IE browsers. I'm not sure about the versions involved, but most likely it's not only due to IE9. One user reported the issue started immediately after doing a Java upgrade.

Could anyone tell me, if there's anything I could do on the server side to fix these two issues? I'm quite afraid these problems will cause a lot of annoyance as soon as more people will switch to IE9.

  • Tell all users to install mozilla firefox in front page. Elgg is fast and best viewable in Mozilla Firefox.

    Here is the link to download the latest MF-4.

  • iionly, I don't think that Thuvalpakshi is suggesting a realistic suggestion, especially in corporate environments where people often don't get to install their own software.

    The IE login issue has already been discussed before and is addressed here:

    The comment issue seems new (new to me anyway). If you can reproduce it, please post something to Trac.

  • I too agree with Kevin Jardine. normaly people will not install new softwares to browse a site. but in my case what i did was in header i put a browser detect javascript for detecting IE < 6.0 version. so if user is using IE then then will get a alert message to download mozilla firefox.

    In my experiance 90% of my users are using IE 6.0 browser which is old version and CSS of Elgg sites not good in IE also it loads very slow compared to Firefox. Now almost all 95% of people are using firefox for browsing Elgg site.I do agree that IE 8 is also fast like MF. but in that round corners of Elgg site is not visible. its sharp edges in IE.

    In my experiance ELGG loads faster in Firefox compared to IE

  • @Kevin: thanks for the link regarding the login issue. Though I'm not sure if the solution described there is the right one in this case. Two users told me about login issues. Both had been visiting the site without any problems before. In one case I know that the login problem started immediately after a Java upgrade.

    I don't know where I saw a discussion about an issue with IE9 and TinyMCE. Maybe I found the discussion on the TinyMCE homepage via a Google search. The issue discussed there dealed with the style buttons (bold, italic etc.) not being clickable in IE9. The resume in this discussion was that it's not a bug in TinyMCE but a bug in IE9. I haven't been able to reproduce this bug so far. I first started to evaluate IE9 with one of the preview versions in fall last year and tested the final release only briefly so far. Since IE9 has been released two users reported the problem of not being able to post any comments with IE9 anymore.

    If I find out more about this possible IE9 commenting issue (or find the discussion again), I will post it.

    The advice to switch to Firefox or Chrome (or even Opera) is surely a good idea - in theory. I already posted such an advice quite a while ago. Back then I referred mainly to the better look with alternative browsers to IE as IE < 9.0 didn't support CSS3 while I had already tuned my site with a few CSS3 tags.

    The problem is that especially users who are not very experienced in computer use seem to be often at a loss when asking them to install any additional programs and to use them. It seems to me that people use the browser pre-installed when they bought their computer. For example I still see about 4% IE7 in use (also some people still use IE6). With FF it's not as extreme but some people still use FF3.0 (or even 2.0!!). I guess they also won't do any security updates in general.

    I guess I will try post an advice nonetheless. Maybe some people will switch or at least keep in mind that IE9 might be the cause of any problems as soon as they experience them.

    BTW. while Chrome seems a nice browser it seems to have some issues as well. I get some double/multi postings occasionally, i.e. the same comment posted twice. Especially with polls this is quite annoying. I once saw one user getting 7(!) votes in one poll - with 7 river entries - and it seems this double posting issue mainly (only?) occurs with Chrome.

  • From discussions with my friends I believe the problems with IE9 only happens with the one offered by, and downloaded from, yahoo.  My friends with Chrome or Firefox also have many problems in many places (can't see their own profile pics and/or friend list on facebook, for example...can't delete a friend because the little X does not show on their 'Edit Friends' page).  I am asked by many to log in as them and do things for them that they are unable to do because of missing links on several sites.  I have had no messages from anyone using any version of IE on my Elgg site.

  • There's already a ticket at Trac regarding the button problem with IE9:

    The link in the first comment is also the discussion that I referred in my last posting.

    I also just found this blog posting that mentions a very likely reason for the IE9 trouble:

    Aparently, TinyMCE code contains some checks for the browser used, i.e. IE or not. It seems this was necessary for IE < 9.0 to solve some compatibility issues. Unfortunately, these hacks now cause problems with IE9 as they would actually no longer be necessary. But still TinyMCE executes these hacks as IE9 is aparently still a IE browser.

    One further prove for this explanations seems to be that when using compatibilty mode in IE9 the problems with TinyMCE don't occur...

  • Odd, the problems described here are the same ones that Facebook has with IE9... (yes all of them)

  • Yup...facebook is screwy in many ways and is a bitch for us all at times...LOL 

    Me...I'm sticking with IE8 and XP until I am no longer reading forum postings about work arounds for all the new browsers (and I'll continue to log in as my friends to do things for them that they can't).