Installation problem: I can login as administrator but cannot login as a regular user

Hello everyone,

I'm “getting started” with Elgg and trying to install my first site with Elgg 1.7.5 to 1&1 virtual server using Plesk panel. Now I can login to my site (or the basic Elgg 1.7.5 version) as administrator and reach dashboard and everything else. However, for new regular user accounts, I cannot reach dashboard and I'm coming back to login page again and again. I checked new user names in MySQL: they were created and exist. What could be the problem?


  • Are the users validated? How did you create them?

  • Uservalidationbyemail is disabled. I created user accounts using regular Elgg 1.7.5 "Register" and the registration was confirmed by Elgg temporary message. Then I'm trying to login with username and password, and coming to the same (but empty) login page.

  • Elgg 1.0-1.7 requires some sort of user validation. Beginning in Elgg 1.8 this is no longer required. We added manual validation to the uservalidationbyemail plugin in maybe Elgg 1.7.6.

    You could create users in the admin area (User Administration) and they are automatically validated.

  • Ok. As I understood, I have to use Uservalidationbyemail and it cannot be disabled in Elgg 1.7.5. Everything works now. Thank you!!!