Having some trouble with elgg_list_entities


I'm using Elgg 1.7.6.  I'm trying to write my own plugin in which on the index page, I can view a list of the custom object I've created.  So I have

                $area2 .= elgg_list_entities(array('type' => 'object', 'subtype' => 'featured_listings', 'container_guid' => page_owner(), 'limit' => 10, 'offset' => $offset, 'full_view' => FALSE, 'view_type_toggle' => FALSE));

Then, I created this page ...


However the content from this page is never getting called.  I confirm this because I put a 'die("called");' statement at the top, but no dice. 

Any ideas what else I need to do to configure my own custom views for each of my entities?  Thanks, - Dave