Registration BROKEN!!! Please help!

My registration has been working fine for months, but all of a sudden, when someone tries to register, if they filled out everything correctly, they undoubtedly get this message when they submit>:

String could not be parsed as XML"



I wish I had more info, if any body has any ideas, please do let me know your thoughts.

  • Well everyone that can help will ask you what version of elgg you are using, Have you uploaded any different plugins lately? Some plugins write over or change the register or login pages, even a theme change can affect it. What I would do to narrow down the problem is:  Try disabling non core plugins and then test register yourself under a different email and if everything goes ok, you will know it is a plugin incompatibility with your version of elgg, and then you could delete your test membership afterward to use again for test purposes.

  • Nothing to do with Elgg at all ;-)

    *Something" ( code configs etc ) *has changed - errors do not happen out of the thin air ! lolz ;-X

    This error message - "String could not be parsed as XML"may be symoptom that something is wrong with character encoding(s) [ mainly UTF-8 situations ]

    Talking to your Host's Tech Suport might help...

    If you can figure out "who" is trying to do the XML parsing,., that might give you some clue to where the error is occuring... ( I do hope you know your techie coding level stuff here... )


  • yeah, that's the problem, can't figure out who is doing the parsing.... I will try removing my latest plugins, disabling seemed to have little affect. Thank you for your help Dhrup and kelliets :) I am using elgg 1.7.1 if you have any more ideas :)

  • @romanpitch you may wanna consider upgrading yor version of elgg? What non-core plugins are you using?


    Rodolfo Hernandez

    Arvixe/Elgg Community Liaison

  • I definitely recommend turning off third party plugins to see if the error goes away. You can also copy a clean version of 1.7.1 over to make sure you did not accidently edit a file.

    I would not upgrade until you've solved your problem.

  • @romanpitch : this problem was reported with our antispammer plugin. If you are using it, We recommend you to upgrade it to the latest version.

  • Thanks Team Webgalli, I appreciate you letting me know. I just disabled that plugin for the time being and my registration works again :) I'll update to your new version! Thanks!

  • @romanpitch : sorry for the trouble caused to you, with the plugin.