Do you have the best social network created with Elgg?

Excuse me but is in Spanish, if you can participate, then they show me the translation.


We have created an initiative to meet with developers, there are many 

social networks created from Elgg, but only a few stand out from the others. 

Therefore, we want to know if your network is one of the best networks created 

on this engine. 


You can participate by registering at, once inside, edit your profile 

with your information (remember to leave the url of your site), upload one or more photos 

your site and create a short description of it on your blog. Once done, 

Join this group Elgg, within groups. 


All networks will be appreciated by users, the winner, the social network 

innovative will be posted on our site, and community 

Elgg to Spanish group travez Community Group. 


More information:

Hope to see and participate. 

Regards, Oranyero.