Override entity search view

Hi, can anyone help me with customizing a search view for an entity. Here is what I am doing, I have created a plug-in called cumulus. It is really a list of audio (mp3) clips. I want to be able to add a player (like z-audio) directly to the list result for this custom type. Since it is a custom type I am not creating an elgg entity to be saved in the database as I already have this data in a seperate database and would prefer to use that. Now I managed to get the data to list but I am having a hard time getting the view to show the customized entity view. I set up a folder under 'views/default/search/cumulus' and added both an entity.php and an cumulus.php file there. Now I did not add any data to the files except for a php die statement so that I can see if the file is at least being hit. But so far the only thing happening is it shows the default listing. Help!!!