Registration problem: "String could not be parsed as XML"

My registration has been working fine for months, but all of a sudden, when someone tries to register, if they filled out everything correctly, they undoubtedly get this message when they submit>:

" String could not be parsed as XML"

I wish I had more info, if any body has any ideas, please do let me know your thoughts. 

  • Check your php errorlogs to see what excact file is causing the issue.

    Any plugins you guys installed recently? It's not really possible tha you will get an error all of the sudden without changing 'anything'. Unless your using an external API where something changed, or you host changed something in your servers config.

    Maybe you are using 'this is just a wild guess and example' some kind of maps, or geolocation service from let's say (google?) or another one, and that service changed something.

    But it's all just guessing untill you guys look up the log to see what file and function causes the error.