A user-centric question - adding a field to the profile ?

I was just having a discussion that brought about an idea I'd like to ask the community for feedback on...thoughts, interjections and the like...

What if - for A USER upon registering or editing their profile they had to define themself, either by;

a - a limited set of radio buttons with a number of descriptions that best describe them ie (a male from blah-blah interested in *a general site related thing*)


b - a set of check boxes that create a description that best describes them ie (male, age, etc etc)

--(maybe even to replace the existing field 'brief description used throughout elgg sites)--


...and then - from that criteria be able to PROMOTE / or PUSH content via a profile widget or anything similar to OTHER USERS that are the same.

so for example if someone writes a blog and they have the same 'description criteria' to another bunch/group of users - those other users get notified or shown what the 'similar' user has done (widget or the like)....

furthermore - as I have done an expansion of the comments system for my needs; it would be great to instead of just having the basic byline - have - 'added by James who is Male, 29, and borderline alcoholic (joke)'

I'm just thinking people on an elgg site might be interested in networking with or refering to posts by someone/other people of a similar interest category or having a similar brief description --

The question is where to start and how one would go about such changes - your insights?


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  • @ DhrupDeScoop

    you posted your sales pitch twice, look up, its word for word.  thanks for your offers but if we wanted to buy a car we would go to the dealership.

    @ everyone

    I dont think this would be as hard to do as Dhrup makes it seem.

  • @ Stuartsloan - I agree with you, and will play with the existing hook when I finish some other work. In the meantime there are hints and tid-bits all over the elgg community site that may point us in the right direction;

    ie http://community.elgg.org/pg/forum/topic/77437/custom-output-field/#annotation-223501

    @ Drhup - please feel at liberty to not post on subjects, topics I start - ever.


  • I have a profile that is huge (80 or more questions). Mostly it has text boxes and some check boxes and is simular to what you are asking. It has been in development now for 6 months. I have spent countless hours myself trying to get it done but alas it is not that easy. Most of the FREE help here for a project like this is sparse. So I contracted a developer to assist me. If I went to an auto dealership and asked them if I can have a bare bones car, of coarse the answer would be Sure. Then I ask can I get it with power window, well the answer would be sure but it will cost you.

    Ya maybe Dhrup gets a little over zellous but the guys here make thier living programing and do a fine job at it too. So what I am saying is, dissing a programer is probably not the best way to get help here from anybody.  You don't know who else is reading this.

    I wish you luck on your project as the elgg core is a great platform for you to build on.

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  • @ Cash


    @ Steve

    i understand there's no such thing as a free lunch.  I understand that if i were at a dealership with no money then i have no business asking for anything.  except I'm not at a dealership nor the professional services forum.  I'm on an OPEN SOURCE site communicating with someone about an idea.

    I wasn't trying to be rude or put my foot in my mouth, i was just pointing out that this isn't the professional services forum.  its like telemarketing and no one likes to be bothered with unwanted solicitation.  I've used professional services three times for my site and have received %100 satisfaction, so i know where to go to find it.

  • @ James 

    I hear you and understand your prior comment and frustration toward unwanted help. Myself, well, I read between Dhrup's lines and extract the info I need and use that info or ignor it. Most of the time he offers up some really good advise as do all of the developers here. Sometimes another question toward their solution or idea opens the flood gates. Just a thought!

    Nice rig you have in your profile pic, by the way!