Newbie Template Modification for Elgg 1.7.7 - I am so stuck!

Hi. I have successfully installed ELGG on my testing server but can't find the definitive guide to customizing my theme in the right way.  This link is great:

but it references an older version of ELGG I'm experienced with Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, et. al and read and write CSS and HTML.   I want to apply my designs to the default elgg template files.  However, these do not appear to be housed in a "default_template" folder.  I can install a new template, but not the default (don't want to modify the core template - want to customize a copy).  My mod folder in ELGG 1.7.7 does not have a template/templates folder as the above link suggests.  What on earth am I missing?  Thank you!

  • First you have create a folder with you theme name in mod directory.

    then create a start.php file with following code


        function your_theme_name init()
        {     }
        register_elgg_event_handler('init','system',' your_theme_name init');

    now create a manifest.xml file with the following code

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <field key="author" value="your name" />
        <field key="version" value="your version value" />
        <field key="description" value="your theme discription"/>
        <field key="website" value="your website" />
        <field key="copyright" value="(your compu right value" />
        <field key="licence" value="GNU Public License version 2" />   

    Now you can create a folder named views and inside that another folder default.

    you can put your css file here.

    what i suggest is, download a theme from elgg and see the folder structure and create your own.


  • The easiest method is to install any existing theme plugin and make the changes there.