Light integration between elgg and (zencart, oscommerce, prestashop...)


I'm new to Elgg and I've been thinking on setting up an elgg site with its own store. I've been testing the two plugins that I've found for this purpose, they are great, but aren't what I'm looking for.

I need a real ecommerce platform (bills, zones, taxes, etc) integrated into elgg. I've been thinking about how hard would be to create a plugin which integrates some existent platform (zencart, oscommerce, prestashop...) into elgg. The needed features would be:

- A widget with the product's thumb, name, price... The product can be a random product, a best-seller one...

- Automatic user creation in the store in the moment the user is created in elgg.

- Automatic login in the store when the user clicks the widget. Then, the user enters the shop (a shop entirely created in the selected platform, even in another domain), in the product's page.

The cart and the payment gateway would be the ones of the ecommerce platform.

You think it's really dificult? Is there something like that developed yet?

Thank you very much!

  • Well Prestashop is very mature and it has a lot of features, this is why I was interested in the integration. You would need a lot of development to be able to catch up with Prestashop with your "plugin".

    The thing is, if both can use openID, why they cannot be integrated?

    Or at least when a user registers in either platform, can he also be automatically registered in the other one?

  • Fernandoch, they can be integrated. It would take approx. 150 hours to create basic integration. Creating just SSO system would take much less.

    This what pushed us towards developing our own solution is a fact that if you want to implement any prestashop feature in Elgg or any Elgg feature in Prestashop, it's complicated and not clean. It's a lot harder to implement and  maintain such code.

    We're not trying to compete with Prestashop, we're creating something different. Prestashop is not a social commerce platform. Our solution is not a shop like Prestashop, it is an engine for creating social commerce shops (and maybe will be out of the box product).

    If Prestashop implements all features you require and SSO between Elgg and Prestashop is enought for you, I don't see why you shouldn't use this solution.


    ps. I took part in creating biggest online surfing shop in Australia and a few other big e-commerce projects. I know we're having a lot of development ahead to have a product which can be used by biggest online stores, or one which is as versatile as prestashop. Since after three months we already have a fully functional code though, there's a big chance we'll keep extending our solution further.

  • And how can a SSO be created?

    Do you think a mysql trigger would be enough?

  • as mike said earlier ".. can be integrated.. approx. 150 hours to create basic integration. creating just sso system would take much less..." so "much less" will probably be say 40 hours ? to be on the safe side ;) whichever way you try this sso between prestashop and elgg  - be prepared for some amount good coding ! just do not see how in this world of programming - "mysql triggers" could even remotely enter this integratin scenario ;-P regards ;-oO

  • Well, when you register in elgg, a mysql trigger could create the same user and password in Prestashop's users table and the other way around. This is just a thought, I don't even know how the registration works in each platform.

    And why do you insist in these 150 hours? How did you come up with that number?