My website collapsed.Please help


I will tell how i collapsed my website step by step. First, i uploaded this plugin which contains messageboard and notification folders. Then i decided to make my website before uploaded it. However, I recognized that this plugin replaced original messageboard and notification folders that i had before. So that, to replace them, i copied default messageboard and notification folders ( i have them on my computer already for this kind of problems ) and gathered them into a folder called Yeni klasör which contains turkish character ( i think this is the problem ). And uploaded it. After that my website do not read any of my plugins. The worst thing about it i could not delete this Yeni klasör folder. It come back when i delete it.


  • Ok, i solved the problem in hard way. By deleting everything all i have done so far. And after, uploaded the file that i saved for this kind of problem. But i wonder why this accident happen?