When I use web hosting, should I choose Linux or Windows?

I am using GoDaddy for my hosting, and there is a choice for

Linux hosting and Windows hosting, I know elgg si written in php

and usually I see Linux going with php, is this obligatory?

what are the advantages? personally I tested the site on my PC

that has windows and made changes to the code + wrote new plugins on my computer

  • But as for the linux vs. windows, is there any preference?

    Are there web hosting companies that elgg users used in the pasts and were satisified?

  • the thing with windows server is that it uses it's own language and that would be microsoft's asp or asp.NET web application framework. i've never tried running php on a windows server before. it's best if you choose linux. problems could arise when using windows server for elgg

  • Linux is usually better. It's also usually more efficient as you often get more for less with linux servers.

  • Thanx a lot!

    so I'll probably want to test it on my PC with linux first,

    what OS should I DL for this? is there a way to know what Linux OS GoDaddy use?

    I read that there are certain Linux OS that are more used for server side.

  • @fiftyeight - I also use godaddy for many of my low traffic niche adsense sites etc, they all run fine, even on a shared hosting account.   However, once my Elgg based site started to grow, it began to run so slow that it was barely useable.  If you are planning on a VPS or Dedicated with Godaddy, then i'm sure you will achieve much better performance, but at a price.  I've actually moved to a different hosting provider and i've been quite happy every since. 

    I'm just sharing this information to possibly help save you the trouble of having to switch service providers in the future.  Bottom line, there are better options out there. (my opinion)

    And to answer your original question - go with  @mike (vazco)'s recommendation.