User references, requests and rating

Hi all!

  I haven't yet installed elgg; I'm still trying to get more information about it and understand if it's fit for the project which I have in mind.

I'd like to create a model/photographers network website, similar somehow to, but with some extra features which other community websites such as have. So, here's the the list of the features I would need:

  • User photo album (I think this is there)
  • Extra field to set the user type (photographer, model, MUA, etc.) I think this can be easily added.
  • Possibility to search users by type (the one described above) and location
  • Collaboration request: something very similar to requests. That is, a user can contact another user and request to work together on a project. The other user can mark the request as accepted or refused at any time, and discussion between the two users can go on.
  • Feedback: at the end of a collaboration, users can/should leave each other a comment/rating, which will be published on each of the users' homepage. This is to allow other users to get an idea about the reliability of a user they might want to contact.
  • It would be cool if the feedback above, as well as the statistic over the number of received/accepted requests by a user could be used as sorting method in a user search; or at least, they should appear on the search result page next to each user.

That's it. Somehow, the request mechanism reminds me of a bug tracker, with the important difference that all discussion should be private to the members participating in the discussion, and only the "bug" status (accepted/refused) should be public.

Do you think that elgg is suitable for such a project? Would I need to write any plugins to add the features above (I suppose so)? Are there plugins with similar functionality that I might want to study?