How to extend the Event class?

As I see it there is no EventCalendarEvent class for the event calendar - why is that? As I see it, it would be more flexible to add an EventCalendarEvent class that extended ElggObject, so that you could create other types of specific events, that could extend the EventCalendarEvent class. How would you guys go about adding more specific types of events?

  • You can always distinguish events by adding metadata to them. In fact there is already an optional field activated in the plugin settings that allows you to set the event type.

  • OK, so I would just create another lpugin that extended, and then I can set all of that, and set a specific Icon for the event too? Then I guess I just need to look a bit more into it :) I'm looking forward to the elgg 1.8 version of the plugin too. Great work Kevin. 

  • Would you have any clue as to how to convert the event calendar plugin to 1.8 I changed the functions that returned deprecated error, but the calendar is not really showing - or is it a too big mouthful to just describe here? I'm willing to put some work into it, I haven't created any widgets myself, but I'm learning to, and I thought I could learn some of the architecture by upgrading your plugin maybe.

  • The event calendar will be converted eventually. There are some other issues I want to address at the same time involving the date picker.

    I've already converted one plugin to 1.8. It's not that hard but I would not learn 1.8 by converting an existing plugin. Look at the 1.8 blog plugin to learn the new architecture.