SPAM, SPAM, again

I ain't this kinda comments for some time now...
But I think I'm in love with "Tina" that spamming bitch !
Why don't the Elgg Team let me implement my SPAM blocker code on the Community here ?

  • WTF ?

    You have a new message from tina. It reads:
    Greeting From Tina How are you today? and how about your health? hope fine
    and you are  doing well, My Name Is Miss Tina, I am looking for a very nice
    man of  love, caring, honest, matured, understanding, and of good
    character,  then after going to your profile on this site
    ( i  pick interest in you, so i will like you to write
    me with My E-mail  address is ( ) so that i will send
    you my picture  and tell you more about me Miss Tina

  • If i had not already taken my narcotic pain medications - I would be tempted to write to her dat stinky B

  • you mean Tina picked you as well? I'm heart broken! lol... please can we deal with these spammers in some way.

  • how would you stop HUMAN type of spammers?

  • semantic analysis on content, heuristics, e.g. bayesian filters. as google mail and others use 'smart' filters on emails. i hve researched some smarty spam filtering techniques, not enough time to code these and test..

  • I reported that I received spam in the email account that I used to register here, which is not public.

    It was not tina and it was not a notification. It said that she got my email from elgg community and straight to my email.

  • my heart is breaking..
    keeps on repeating...
    TIna is lost for ever more ;'(
    Chambo's got her now..
    I've lost her somehow...
    TIna is lost for ever more ;'-(

  • i feel this spamming conflict is manifestating through non self acceptance and via belief systems that project the idea that 'lack is real'. through believing that 'there is not enough' and that 'i am not loved and supported in being free' these beings labelled as 'hackers' attempt to find and prove their identity by 'beating' those they are perceiving to be an enemy or opposition. .e.g. lots of chinese hackers targetting US and 'non chinese software'.

    we are 1 at heart and are loved beyond imagination... only hidden by beliefs and denial that say the opposite is true. :)

    technology is only a battle ground where we are consciously or unconsciously suppressing free will.

    (and in stopping doing that we know we do not need technology).. so technology reliance and addiction is really more destructive than crack cocaine.

  • @Dhrup,

    Where can we find your spam-blocking plugin?  We're tired of the spam as well so we'd love to explore whatever options are out there.