ELGG Group on Skype

I've started a group on Skype for ELGG users to help releive some of the pressure on the community site.

The group is called ELGG Community Software and you can gain access by skyping me (jededitor)

It is open for those offering or needing help and is intended to supply answers for anyone with urgent minor problems & queries - anything major or complex should be posted on the community. Chat between admins is also welcome.

  • Hey, jededitor,

    Thanks for your desire to help out the community.  May I ask what you are referring to when you say "pressure?"

    Also, are you aware that we already have a freenode IRC channel (#elgg)?  Having one more place to go, I fear, may only delay the availability of answers, rather than speed them up, as you intend.

    It seems like we need to have community discussion around 1) what people feel are the shortcomings of the community site, 2) how we could improve this, and 3) who would be willing to contribute to that effort and in what capacity.  We've had more than one instance recently of people feeling that the community site falls short in some area and unilaterally starting their own thing off to the side to try and help.  Again, I'm really excited about your desire to help, but it might be best if we all worked together toward a common solution rather than independently doing half-a-jobs on several independent ideas and not ultimately helping the community as a whole.

  • Someone else who never bothers to read the complete message before trying to promote their own agenda.

    Anyway there is no way irc has the facilities of Skype..

  • @jededitor,

    1. I read your entire message.
    2. I still don't know what "pressure" you're referring to
    3. I didn't mean to suggest irc competes with skype on features, but that adding yet another avenue for getting Elgg help is probably not a solution to the underlying issue you're experiencing. 
    4. I promoted no particular agenda other than working together towards a maximally helpful solution.

    It seems there's been a miscommunication.  

  • Sorry? Which part of "It is open for those offering or needing help and is intended to supply answers for anyone with urgent minor problems & queries - anything major or complex should be posted on the community. Chat between admins is also welcome." didn't you understand???


  • jed,

    I'm not sure why you need to be so belligerent. Evan had reasonable comments and your response implies that you have a large chip on your shoulder. I had thought that a Skype chat channel was an interesting idea but I'm not sure that I want to hang out there now.

  • could not have put it better Kevin 

  • IdiotsGuideToELGG - SkypE Channel

    access -> skype "jededitor" to join for
    "working together"
    "offering or needing help"
    "urgent minor problems & queries"

    Jim and I will be hosting to answer questions and help along the lines of

    "can I look over your shoulders at your screen" style of help.

    Software such as SkypE, MiKoGo, TeamViewer, etc empower the stronger, leaner, quicker means for communication..

    Hopefully this IdiotsGuideToELGG Channel will help weed out some of those quirkier problems where resolution might be harder or slower using text chat/ forums alone.

    I will later post more details on this to explain how the show curtains will fall.. Our small efforts to help out and a chance for some with techie problems to get high powered technical guidance, 'show me your screen', face-2-face community oriented support.


  • I have been trying to get this sort of situation up and running with Fuzemeeting.com cloud based meetings installed here on elgg.org in groups. I certainly understand Jeditors wanting a more dynamic place to discuss Elgg advancements.

    This was my plan which has gone no where so far-

    1. Intergrate Fuzemeetings into Elgg groups

    2. create an Elgg group for each standard plugin and for new possible standard plugins

    3. schedule and allow open meetings for anyone to attend

    4. create a heirarchy of decision making (i.e a panel for each group) so decisions are discussed and made

    I understand there is much going on, but a dynamic interactive way to meet, look at models, test plugins and features would be 100 more powerful than an email circle.

    I have suggested this to the powers that be and maybe at some point after 1.8 launches they will consider the "communication" pathways.

    Maybe Jed gets this going with Skype.

    PS-I agree that getting testy is not necessary, but Evan I concure with Jed the communication and planning should go to at least some open online meeting type formats if this platform is to really take off.

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    Jim and I are the powers that are behind this IdiotsGuideToElgg SkypE channel. Feel welcome to join us there - more than merely posting kudos on this closed topic here.. there's much knowledge to be gained for $0 ;-)