Hosting Advice & Concerns..

Hi everybody i just want to say great community I love elgg.

Does anybody have good hosting advice?  I’m concern with the abilities to host an elgg site.. 

The two companies recommended by elgg seem to only allow a limited amount of users logged in at one time.  

In another post user Dhrupdescoop stated that a 100 dollar hosting plan would only allow around 50 users at once..  Our site is for a local university and has growing support in popularity.  We expect to have at least 200 users logged in at one time.. What company or hosting plant would anybody here recommend? I’m sure your all aware of elggs hosting limitations do to it using apache as php.. 

  • I have a VPS host right now with hostv...  just upgraded to

    768MB ram w/ 2gb burstable

    The site is much more stable now, but I have not been pleased with them.  So I am still looking to see if there are any other good VPS hosts out there for a better price.  Anyone hear anything about VPS.NET? looks pretty decent as well.

  • Hi Kevin,  I want thank you for clearing that up I was a bit confuse my self  about  the difference between the "number of users logged in at the same time" and the number of "simultaneous users".  

    As iionly and others have suggested a I think all start off with VPS hosting.. Thanks for the responses everybody.. Great Community… :D 

  • This is a very good conversation. I am using Arvixe to start my elgg venture and I am happy with their customer service. I used ipower and their hosting was good for basic websites(no real traffic) but customer service always made me cringe.

    I expect to destroy my basic package and look forward to the phone call from Arvixe saying I need to upgrade. 

    I would like to think any host that is business minded would not shut you down but negotiate a solution and price that would handle your storage and bandwidth requirements. What would also be valuable is some forward thinking on tiers for expected growth. Shut me down without warning, poor performance or non competetive pricing and I put my elgg in a zip file and start shopping. I am hoping that Arvixe is a company that looks to grow with its customers.

    At this point I would recommend Arvixe.

  • Arvixe is usually good for most kinds of hosting. I do not use them myself. I have used HostMonster Shared Hosting in the past - never any problems.. until I moved to three (heavy-duty) Dedicated Server boxes for the very very large Elgg site(s) (212K++ users) we have. Funny but I've had very little inquires on the side-line Hosting I offer off our servers ;-) We offer basically like 'shared' or vps style hosting - esp for Elgg based sites (since our specialty *is Elgg) for pretty much the price of normal hosting, but on our own dedicated servers and of course the backing of DeScoop and his Team/Elggalaxy.Com brain basket ;-) Anyone interested ? - Just send me a PM for details...

  • Arvixe won't shut down your site without warning. We always look for a solution for a problem with your site.

    To help our customers we have forums, and online 24/7 support. We value our customers, and because of that, we created liaison programs to give a more personal tech support to our customers.


    Rodolfo Hernandez

    Arvixe/Elgg Community Liaison

  • Hi Folks

    I am trying to figure the best solution for a social web project in Elgg in which you can not anticipate the real users charge over the time. 

    At first I thought that we can use a Cloud Computing Infraestructure approach like Amazon's one,


    but I recently found an specifically designed option for Elgg projects:


    Is there anyone who had been testing this Hosting Provider Plan?

    Best regards