Hosting Advice & Concerns..

Hi everybody i just want to say great community I love elgg.

Does anybody have good hosting advice?  I’m concern with the abilities to host an elgg site.. 

The two companies recommended by elgg seem to only allow a limited amount of users logged in at one time.  

In another post user Dhrupdescoop stated that a 100 dollar hosting plan would only allow around 50 users at once..  Our site is for a local university and has growing support in popularity.  We expect to have at least 200 users logged in at one time.. What company or hosting plant would anybody here recommend? I’m sure your all aware of elggs hosting limitations do to it using apache as php.. 

  • hi

    i am still setting up my site and chose because they offered an unlimited package. so i should not have any issue with bandwidth and space for users.


    he is the nerd that assisted me with my installation.

  • Thank You Yaseenk..  All check them out.. Have you read any of their terms & limitations?



  • I just asked and they say this is not true, there are no limits 

  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage are always good, but lately I have been running into problems with my el cheapo host with changes to the server that go on. It's irritating. And I also have the sneaking suspuscion that every time my visitor count goes up, they start to throw kinks into my site. Call me paranoid but it's happened over and over.  Whichever service you use, make sure it can handle the number of users you are planning for.

  • Do you think arivixe holds the same policies for  it's  20 to 40 dollar hosting plan steviedan? 

  • They seem to offer really good plans Olivia, I'm sure you would be fine with the $4 a month plan for 200's unlimited space and far they seem good and I have had no issues.

    look here

  • That's what i'm traying to figur out pauloortiz.. Call me a little paraniod as well but i'm having a real hard time trusting some of these hosting companies that claim unlimited everything.. 


    I guess I need to hear from someone who's had a good experience hosting a large elgg site..

  • I'm a professional web designer and I have clients hosted on cheap and expensive hosts, most of the time I notice no difference in level of service 

    At the end of the day, even the expensive hosts can cause issues, you just need to be ready and willing to move host if and when the need arises 

  • Thanks steviedean I'm leaning more to hosting our community site on arivex.. Have you heared of more good reviews on arivex? I"m still kinda scared on the 10 users online at once limitaion I've read on othere forumes although you assured me this is not true. 

  • Feel free to open a live chat with them, click on the link at the top "Live Chat Online Click Here" 

    I would say that would not recommend them if they were not very good. NO social networking site could survive with a 10 user limit. 

    by all means shop around but I trusted this site and so far no regrets :)