Facebook Connect

which facebook connect plugin would you recommend, please?

  • Have you done a search on the options?  It might be good to post the ones you've found so far here and give us your thoughts.  "Which one is best" questions almost always depend on your particular needs!

  • well my site is still new and i am doin testing, looking at whats available has me confused. so my question should be which is the most popular facebook plugin? gonna be downloading and test whatever is available this weekend. are there any other places i can get elgg plugins?

  • The version I put up was reworked by Kevin Jardine, who, unless I am mistaken wrote the first version which has been "forked" by several people over it's life. 

    The last rework brought it into line with the lateast Graph api so that a users email address could be extracted.  It is of course capable of being further enhanced and adapted to do a lot more, but I could not afford any more development.

  • thanx mark, i give your one a try.

  • Hey just wait for the elgg 1.8 to be released and then I will release a facebook connect plugin to the community which will be much more powerful compared to other facebook connect plugins.

    Not only facebook,I will also release a enhanced version of Twitter services.

    Willing to wait?

  • sure np, i have installed the current one and it meets my needs, although is there anyway to turn off the sync option with facebook by default. i only want the plugin to create an acc. that way the user has 2 distinct acc without having to fill in forms, email verifications, etc...

  • @anirupdutta - more powerful in what ways?  You have definately spiked my interest.

    @yaseenk - currently i'm using Mark Bridges Facebook Connect plugin - in the beginning, I had to make a few tweaks in order for profile pictures to update, but since then it's worked perfect. I'd recommend it.

  • For the record, Elgg 1.8 officially includes Twitter Services and Facebook Connect.

  • @brett google connect  service can be also very usefull...the most used :-)