Regression testers needed for form 0.8.1 release

I'm looking for a few people using the form and related plugins who can do some regression testing on the latest 0.8.1 release. I have not put this latest release in the plugins area yet.

This is a bug fix release only. I am looking for people who have already got the plugins working and are willing to put the latest release through its paces to make sure that I have not accidentally introduced new bugs when fixing the current bugs on my list.

I have, of course, only fixed bugs that I have actually been able to reproduce (and have said that I have reproduced them in this group or the plugin comments).

If you are willing to help out with testing, please private message me and I'll send you a link.

Form and related plugins

Form and related plugins

User-generated content, flexible user and group profiles, registration forms, custom file forms