Installing Elgg

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am trying to install the latest version of Elgg on my windows 7 pc localhost with a WampServer. I am stuck here when the message below pops up. Can anyone please walk me through the steps please as im a complete novice to this. Many Thanks in Advance. Sean

Welcome to Elgg.

<!-- display any system messages -->



Elgg couldn't find its settings file. Most of Elgg's settings will be handled for you, but we need you to supply your database details. To do this:

1. Rename engine/settings.example.php to settings.php in your Elgg installation.

2. Open it with a text editor and enter your MySQL database details. If you don't know these, ask your system administrator or technical support for help.

Alternatively, you can enter your database settings below and we will try and do this for you...

Enter your database settings below and hit save:

Database user
Database password
Elgg database
Database hostname (usually 'localhost')
Database table prefix (usually 'elgg_')



Once you've corrected any configuration issues, press reload to try again.