invite friend and friend request cancels out the automatic friend add on registration?

Release - 1.7.7, Version - 2010071002

I have a test site that has minimal add ons. I can go through the whole invite processes messages etc and everything is good to go.  Once the new user logs on, neither contact is added to the other's list. I would be fine with that and probably just throw a message in there that you still need to add contacts after registering (the member drop down still shows the add friend option). Problem is in the activity river it shows that they are actually contacts. Anyone figure this out or have the same issue? Is there another version of invite friend ( maybe  webgalli's paid version ) that works with friend request or a combination of add ons that work together? 

Thanks ahead of time


  • i believe i have seen this too.. haven't explored it yet..

    i have also seen that comments on the friend connection are being posted to multiple friend connect events.. not just one. e.g. a comment about a connection is posted and it appears on 3 or more friend connect events instead of just one.

    again, i haven't searched for solution to this yet

  • I appreciate the quick comment so I know I havent created something unique and I can move towards another solution for now. I may have to move back to the contact/contact of model for now.

    I jave seen somthing like that comments in the river and disabled comments because of it. I think it was the message board. Everytime a user created a message on the board it would create a new event in the river but the comments would carry over to each event.

  • Right you are...I must have zoned out after the 2nd page of comments and gave up too soon. I put this question up right when I began my elgg learning curve and after really working with the system the "insta contact" or follow actually worked out better.