Elgg fully modded - the plugin package


Does any one know if there is a elgg fully modded version out there - to test elgg and the more advance function you can do using elgg...

A fully modded version where you have the most needed plugin and eg. some custom templates...

I  think the learning curve for elgg is very steep compared to eg. phpBB. Okay maybe not compared to Type 3 :)

  • You can try test.elggdev.com, it's our test site with most usefull mods already installed.

  • Well, I more thought of a package I could test on my localhost..

  • you could install elgg on localhost and the plugins you want for testing - except when there might be plugin conflicts in which case one has to do some light or serious debugging and perhaps re-coding..

  • I see what you mean, this hasn't been done because people use elgg for all kinds of different things so the "plugin package" is completely different for everyone.

    But I do like the idea.

  • The problem is Elgg you have to think about so many things when playing around with elgg.

    The plugin doesnt support all version of elgg. The plugin site really sucks. No tags for each version. Nothing about approved for version xx. The elgg developers might take a look at wordpress. Here it is easy to find a given plugin. You can see if it is broken, and what version the plugin support.

    Then there is the sort order. Some plugin need to be sorted in a special way to work - strange. That is very rubbish - and limiting the user friendliness og elgg. You sould be able to bypass this when coding a plugin.

    The problem as I see it is the functions are there but the userfriendliness is missing, pretty sad actually. I see a great potential...

    Im looking forward to see if the release of 1.8 will change that??

  • i do agree, i have experienced so many conflict beetwen plugins, when something is not working the developers are saying that it s a matter of conflict with ...... or try to change order, move it to the top

    it s really tricky, should be solved

  • v1.8 seems to be able to do just that. The admin backend looks a lot more user-friendly  especially in regard to plugins, errors and dependencies.

  • hmmm...

    Kevin Jardine had mentioned a similar approach - packaging Elgg core + the whatever usual, interesting PlugIns into one zip package for new installs.

    As far as the conflicts and such problems go - These would be caused by forgetful (aka sloppy) coding practices. Can't be helped. ;-( because we can neither go around whipping developers, nor begging for better behaved PlugIns. They're all for $0 free after all - so what the heck am I complaining about LOLZ ?

    Preparing a reasonable and reliable package along the lines discussed so far *will take several or more people a lot of time to test, research, document, yadda, yadda... It would be nice.. but it might be a little difficultto find and retain dedicated, knowledgeable, unpaid, volunteers to take on the various tasks involved.


  • When Is v1.8 coming