Audio Player needed

hi all you elgg geniuses:

I am a website owner and I would like to know if there is a elgg audio player that detects ALL of the common audio player extensioins.  What I am looking for particularly is .mp3, .mp4, .aif, .wav, and .dss

I am a independent artist working with a new distribution website and in my opinion these extensions are the most common for any type of independent audio art. In fact I plan on doin a blog on them soon.  I am willing to pay for these specifications I would like to donate seeing that my budget is depleeting rapidly but If anyone could get back to me on this it would be most appreciated.

  • greetings!

    most audio players are flash coded and flash only supports mp3 as far as i know.

    so you are then left with the OS dependant players and quicktime, VLC and real.. 

    real is bloated.. quicktime is apple.. 

    vlc is a decent balance.. though requires a plugin to be installed on all OSs (like most of the others do anyway). allows upload of wavs etc. and playback through flash, so i would start by exploring how they do it.

  • I would also like to comment on my post that plug-in or widget what you prefer should be able to fast forward , rewind, pause, and play, and have a volume.  It would also be very nice if there was a way to share these songs if in fact your profile had a visitor, I would suggest sharing on facebook, twitter, rss (optional) and email only.   Fom my dealings with the developer community I realize specifics are a must :) and that's a good thing...  This specific audio player is worth paying for from me please contact me at

  • I personally like windows platform alot better I tunes is pretty strict with their DRM which makes it hard for Indies

  • @tunist thanxs for the tip..