Site Hacked by Extremists - need advice

This has me very worried!  So far only one occurence of this on my site.  It seems the attackers managed to add content to 1 members account.  They added offensive content to his bookmarks, wire and wall.

I know the particular member very well, definitely it is not he who added the content.

I'm supposing that if they managed to do this once they will be able to do it again.  I'm wondering how much of our member data they have...  Mostly I'm wondering what steps I need to take in order to safeguard the site.


  • Susan, bad news. probably that users account details compromised? May be He /She using the same login details for different accounts like FB/emails etc.. and the hacker got the details from there? Any investigation on that part?

  • @Team Webgalli   thanks for replying.  I have changed the users password, however I suppose that if the hackers could access his account on my site they probably now have his mail info as well.

    I immediately contacted him explaining the situation, so far he has not replied.

  • Our data center have now informed me that this particular members' accounts on various networks were attacked about a month ago.   While they changed his account details on other platforms, for some reason they didn't change it on our elgg network... or inform us, go figure!

    Anyway I have now changed his info and hope that solves the problem.