How to install Elgg in Byethost


Does anyone know how to install elgg in byethost?

It's because I try to install in it, but i get an error when I am installing it. Specially it's the error on the "data folder" that it says: "the dara folder you put is not writible". I have tried to change the permissions to 777, but I get the same error, I have tried to look for other host that had "public_html" folder, but I continue getting the same error.

If Elgg cannot be installed in Byethost, does anyone knows a free host where installing elgg?

Byes, and Thanks :)

  • Hi koomar,

    I had the same problem as yours, and when I contacted Byethost free hosting support, they said it's impossible to write files outside their htdocs folder.

    So what I did instead, is the following:

    1. Install elgg in a subdirectory within the byethost's htdocs folder (i.e. in /htdocs/elgg)

    2. Create the data directory within the the htdocs folder (i.e. in /htdocs/elgg-data)

    3. Configure .htaccess in /htdocs/elgg and uncomment the RewriteBase line, so that the URL Rewrites will work properly.

    4. Protect your elgg-data from unauthorized access! Create an .htaccess file within /htdocs/elgg-data so it contains the following:

    Order deny,allow
    Deny from all

    That will protect elgg-data from being accessed from the browser.

    You will now be able to access the elgg site at

    Now, what if they access (without the /elgg)? It's pretty simple.

    Create an .htaccess file within /htdocs containing the following:

    DirectoryIndex elgg/index.php

    So that when you access the site without /elgg, it automatically redirects to the /elgg.

    Just sharing what I did to make it work, and hope it helps.