datepicker translation error... (bug)

Dear Kevin, I need to translate datapicker to spanish

I ve added a ui.datepicker-es.js to my calendar mod directory and included in metatags.php the folowing code:

<script type="text/javascript" src="<?php echo $vars['url']; ?>mod/event_calendar/ui.datepicker-es.js"></script>

I ve tested it on clean elgg 1.7.7 instalation only with standard modules. While creating new event datapicker is wonderfully translated to spanish but.... the event date is 1 Jan 1970.


This can not be conected with datapicker from any other module as my instalation is brand new just for this calendar test purposes.

Here is a link to spanish js

I hope you can test it, as you ve been conecting this error with datapicker conflict with other modules and clearly it is not the point.

Please help us to solve this problem, as this problem is one of the most comented in this group. I do understand that many people do not care as they use it as is in english, but i guess as a developer you want to make this mod accesible internationaly.

many thanks.